Tuesday, May 26, 2009 6:30 PM

 For stuffing :

Ingredients ;
Red gram dhal 1 cup– Half Cooked, and water to be drained completely.
Cardamom – 4 to 6 nos
Jaggery - 1 cup
Grated Coconut – ½ cup

The above said things to be run in the mixie for even mixing.  Small balls should be made out of it.
For outer covering

Maida flour – 1 ½  cups
Refined oil  - 3 to 4 Table Spoon.
Salt to taste, Turmeric powder a pinch.


In a big bowl add maida flour, salt, turmeric powder along with the oil.  Make it into dough.  The dough should be mixed well for smooth finish. Add more oil and keep it aside for one hour.

Then take little dough and flatten it with hand.   Place a small ball of the stuffing in the flattened dough and close it completely. Apply oil to the back side of a banana leaf.  The closed side of the ball should rest on the oily side of banana leaf. The ball should be spread using hand moistened with oil.

On a preheated pan ( in low flame) place the banana leaf with flattened bholi resting on the pan. Using a flat wooden spatula try to separate the banana leaf and bholi in few seconds itself.  Heat the bholi on the pan for few min. applying oil on both sides of bholi.
Serve hot with ghee or milk.
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Bese bela bath (Hot Sambar Rice)

Monday, April 6, 2009 3:08 PM

(Serves four persons)

Raw rice 1 Cup
Gingelly oil ½ cup
Toor dhal ½ Cup
Tamarind 2 lemon size
Water 6 to 7 cups
Salt – required amount as per your taste
Finely chopped small onions - 1no
Ground nuts – 1 table spoon.
Curry leaves, mustard (to garnish)
Cooked vegetables (optional) Potato, carrot, beans (washed and finely chopped) peas.

Sambar powder – Red chilies 12 to 15 nos. Coriander seeds ½ cup,Red gram dhal 2 tea spoon., Fenugreek 1 tea spoon, Finely grated dry coconut (kopra) half shell, cinnamon sticks 3 to 4 pieces, Cloves buds 3 nos, Marathi moghu 3 nos.

Heat oil in dry pan. Fry cloves, cinnamon marathi moghu separately. Now fry red chilies, coriander seeds, red gram dhal and fenugreek to light brown. Add finely grated kopra and remove from flame. The fried items to be finely ground and kept aside.

Preparation of Bese bela bath.

Wash rice and dhal and cook it together in a pressure cooker(5 to 6 whistles). Soak tamarind in water and get its extract. Cook vegetables separately. Take cooked rice and dhal in a pan and place it on a sim flame. Add thick tamarind extract and salt. Mix it well. Add cooked vegetables, little water (if very thick) and sambar powder with constant stirring. Heat it on sim flame still it boils.

In another pan add oil and fry onions and ground nuts separately. Garnish with mustard and curry leaves. 
Delicious and spicy Bese bela bath is ready.

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